Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Very Sad Day

Our littlest duckling succumbed to the heat yesterday. So everyone is very sad. His friend Angus is hale and hearty, but feeling a bit lonely. So DD has given him a soft toy which he takes great delight in flinging around the place with his beak. Here is is with his toy in the background.

Everyone else in the family is coping with the heat here in SA, just!! Although DD is home today after throwing up all over the bathroom floor this morning before school. She seems to have made a miraculous recovery as the day has progressed.

In other news, the TDU is over for another year. DH completed the Mutual Community Challenge in once piece, even bearing in mind he has had little time to train this year. We were still in Nuriootpa after he finished when the 'pro's came past. He and the kids also visited the TDU Village and went to the final stage on Sunday. How cool that Alan Davies won!! DS is quite proud of the fact he got his autograph last year.

Stitching wise I have been pretty occupied. A couple of finishes - Count LeScarrot and a biscornu I am about to make up. Pic to come later.


Bronny said...

Sorry to hear about your duckling - our pets really don't cope with all this heat very well.
I do like Count le scarrot - it's weird, but cute. Where can I find the chart?

Marie said...

Hi Bronny, yes it's really hard. All the others seem to be coping ok - and Angus is going well too. he has got a lot friendlier now he is on his own.

You've got it exactly, Count LeScarrot is weird but cute. He is by Just Nan. She also has 3 Icicles that are along the same lines.