Monday, May 24, 2010

One of the locals!

One of our resident wildlife, the echidna chose to cross the road in front of us. When we stopped to check him out he hid his head in the grass and leaves. Obviously the fact he couldn't see us meant that we couldn't see him!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

I forgot to say ........

I have been gently reminded (well maybe not so gently lol) that I forgot to impart some pretty big news. I am going to be a Nanna at the end of September. How exciting is that?????????

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Finish

I have been shamed into updating my blog by my eldest lol. As some of you know life over the last few months has been busy, but also turbulent. But, I have managed my first small stitching finish for 2010 - Just Nan's Needle Tweet Daisy ( I think that's the name of it lol) Very very cute - the pic does not do it justice. I have finished the purple one - need to make it up, and am stitching the pink one. Wouldn't you know it? I have just about all the WDW colours but could I find Love for the pink Needle Tweet? No, of course not! So I have used one of Crescent Colours.

On the other side of life (the non stitching side) I have finished my Cert 3 in Aged Care and am now job hunting. Also, I have my appt today about having an abdominoplasty (if that is how you spell it). I am the lowest weight I have been for well over 20 years and feeling pretty darn good.

Emotionally we are all not doing quite so well after losing DH's mother so suddenly a few weeks ago. But we are getting there, the most important thing is being there for him.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Sad News

I have been wanting to get back to my blog for ages but life has been so busy. I hope that things quieten down soon. I have not stitched in months, there are a number of things I am behind on and a lot of news to impart - but now is not the time for that - maybe tomorrow.

My Mother in Law was killed in a car accident in Perth on March 24. To say we were shocked is putting it mildly as she doesn't even drive. We are still numb, particularly DH - he is coping but I think it has not really sunk in yet. We had a rush trip back to Perth (for those that don't know it is on the other side of the country from us - so a 4hr flight). He went a day earlier and dealt with everything he needed to.

RIP Nanna Margs

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year - and it's going to be a biggie!!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, although I'm sure you must all think I have. Sadly I have to report I have done zero stitching for weeks now - just as well I had all my ornaments done ages ago.

I have soooo much to tell...............

First off some very sad news. Some of you may remember Psycho Duck. She was the victim of a fox attack a couple of weeks ago - we were all heartbroken. We will get another couple of ducks at some stage though, and I think one will have to be named Psycho Too (as opposed to Two). She was so tame and such a character - we miss her greatly.

Cramar (our Pointer pup) is growing like a little weed. He and Leeroy are now great mates. I will try and take a pic soon.

We have a new addition. Jaffa the kitten. She is a tortoiseshell and while Calico tolerates her (just) I don't think they will ever become good mates lol.

The kids are away in Canberra for a month - they get back January 16 - so it is very very very quiet around here. We miss them to bits.

Umm, what else. Oh yes ........ we have put the house on the market and have put an offer in on 205 acres of land about 45 minutes further out. SO.... big changes are afoot. Don't ask me where we will live while the house is being built - I have absolutely no idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The final piece of news is that Craig and I are engaged. he took me off to a romantic B & B (country french style) on Boxing Day and we had dinner in Tanunda. When we got back to our room he made me wait outside so he could 'prepare'. I then had to keep my eyes closed while he led me into the room and sat me down. He has candles everywhere, roses from our garden and was down on one knee.

Well, he is back with dinner (fish and chips - yum) so I will have to add more later!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where do the days go!!

I can't believe it is already September. We are starting to have some beautiful weather during the day!! We have swooping magpies - a sure sign of Spring lol. We have the fairy wrens outside DD's window every day, but they don't stay still long enough for me to get a pic of them. Also I saw the plovers that are nesting at DD's school. They are very protective - I just hope no one steps on their 2 eggs!!
You may remember psycho duck from previous posts. Well, she's at it again. We finally knew for sure that she was a 'she' when she started laying eggs a few weeks ago. Well, as is normal for all of the animals in this family, she has to do things a little bit different. She has decided she wants to sit on the eggs. Doesn't matter that most of them are the chook's eggs!!! After a heartfelt plea from DD we have decided to let her keep some and see if they hatch. After all, we have been babysitting a friend's rooster so she could have some fertile eggs, so we know these are fertile as well. He was close to becoming roast rooster (I don't take kindly to being woken at 4am!!!), but he now has a reprieve - temporarily at least lol. Goodness knows how we will make the chook yard chick proof though!!

I have been fitting in a bit of stitching time so have a couple of things to show:These are a couple of bottle top pincushions - so cute!! I can see me making more of these. This little bat is for an exchange - I think he would have looked better full size though (I stitched him over 1)
On the footy front, DS's team beat the undefeated Nuriootpa side and made it straight into the Grand Final. Nuri then won their next game which means they will be facing off again for the Grand Final this Saturday. So that will be pretty exciting, and nail biting no doubt!!! This Under 15's team is the only team from the Barossa Bulldogs to make it to the finals

In other news, we bought a new car a couple of weeks ago - well it's 2nd hand, but new to us lol. Although I've been telling people we gave my little Holden Viva some growth hormones to turn it into a Commodore lol. I must admit it has been nice having a bit more room dividing the ferals in the back seat lol. Not a good pic but enough to get the idea
We have been visiting Cramar every couple of weeks - he is 7 weeks old now and growing like a little weed lol. He will be coming home with us in another 2 weeks.

As you can see, he and his brothers and sisters love people already lol

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some piccies

I can now show pics of some of the exchanges I have sent out recently as they have arrived at their new homes. First is a biscornu - the theme was 'Anything Summer' so I chose Barbara Ana's Summer Biscornu. I used a linen I had in my stash that is exactly the colour of wet sand. The 2nd is a biscornu for a Just Nan themed exchange for Stitching Exchanging. I used her Beach Roses designs but didn't remember to take a pic of it before I sent it off, You can see it here though.

Here is a pic of the lovely Little House Needleworks Exchange I received from Lynn - again with Stitching Exchanging

I also have a pic of my current WIP. A Messerschmitt from A & L Designs' Sky Ace Series. I stitched a Lancaster bomber for DS a while ago, but this one is for DH. It is stitching up quite quickly and thank goodness is smaller than the bomber. You can see the bomber in my webshots album here

I thought I'd leave you with some pics of some Aussie natives from my garden. A Kangaroo Paw, Hardenbergia (the purple one) and some Grevilleas.

Friday, August 21, 2009


The end to another week dawns - thank goodness. You may wonder why I have been so quiet?? lol I started back at work almost 3 weeks ago. I have bought the parcel run for our local area and it has been flat out learning the procedures, where everything is, the customers etc etc. Plus of course, my fitness level is non existent. I'm getting there though. I've had DH working with me this week as his work van is off the road - don't even ask me about that one!!!

Needless to say, stitching and blogging time is suffering severely. I have started stitching a plane for DH when I do get to stitch. Also a Harvest themed item for Stitching Exchanging's next exchange. I haven't signed up yet - I want to make sure I will be able to finish it first!! lol
If you want to take part, head on over - you couldn't meet a nice bunch of stitchers :-) And no, I'm not biased at all lol
I have been very frustrated trying to get hold of a copy of Just Cross Stitch's Halloween issue - it is so hit and miss finding a Newsagent that stocks the mag at all on a regular basis. I managed to snag the Christmas preview though. I always end up having to resort to ebay for the Ornament issue each year. So if anyone in Adelaide hears of where JCS is available, please let me know. The only one I have found on ebay is in the US and wants $13 US for the postage!!!
Quite a few other exchanges are in the mail, on the way to their new homes - getting to the PO has also been a huge challenge!! When they arrive I will be able to post pics of them.

I received my Just Nan exchange from Gillie - it's a cute biscornu - thank you Gillie. That was also a Stitching Exchanging Exchange

I wanted to introduce you to the futre newest member of our family. We decided Leeroy needed a friend now he is alone all day. Jetset was keeping him company, but these days she spends her days talking to the gelding behind us over the back fence - tart she is lol. We pondered on what sort of dog would be best suited to keep up with an english pointer............... another one of course lol. We have already met him, he was 3 weeks old when this pic was taken (last weekend). As yet he has no name....................................

I'll leave you with a pic of another unofficial member of the family. This is the possum we have seen late at night. DH found his little hidey hole for during the day. We took a pic then left him to his napping.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A New Blog

I have started a new blog for my own Blue Opal Threads. With one thing and another over the recent years I never got around to developing them as I wished - so I reckon now's the time!!!

We had a busy day. The kids played sport this morning - DS kicking his second goal!!!! We son't talk about DD's netball team though. Some days they play great, and more often not so great. The most important thing though, is that they are learning more of the game, developing their skills, learning teamwork and having a lot of fun and healthy excercise at the same time!!!

Some lovely stitching stash in the mail during the week. besides the ATC's I have received threads, fabric and patterns - even the game of Stitchopoly!!! Spoiled or what??? :-) I must make special mention of the stash filled envelope that Margaret send me though - absolutely stunning. Pic to follow!!


Well, this can certainly become another addiction......................... like I need another one!!! lol.

I joined ATC Stitching Bloggers Birthday Exchange. These are the ones I have received so far - aren't they gorgeous?

Received from Beth
Received from Kate
Received from Janet
Now that my first 2 attempts at making these EVER have been received, I can post pics of them. I have gone with a bit of a theme, with each one sharing one characteristic.

For Janet

For Kate

Thursday, August 6, 2009

And the Winner Is..........................


Congratulations Lisa. I hope you enjoy your goodies.

I did the whole cutting up bits of paper thingy and got DH to draw the winner's name. I must be getting old, the thought of the random number generator thingy on the computer just didn't do it for me lol.

I had a great birthday, thank you for all the kind wishes :-) I have to take some piccies of birthday stash, but will not be able to do that til the weekend.

I returned to work Monday - boy is it hard. Not only learning the new parcel round, but the sheer physical effort of it - especially after the last 7 months. Blog reading is non existent, housework only minimal, and as for stitching or reading time - what is that? lol I'm sure it will settle as I learn the round and get more familiar with the whole scanning system etc. At least that's what I am telling myself!!

The tummy is still not sorted. The last little bit just will not heal. Still - it isn't oozing, it isn't filling up inside and it isn't infected. I guess that is as good as it can be for a while.

DD (11 yrs) has started her own blog - can someone please go and leave a comment? lol, poor thing is checking it constantly. She has news on our duck!!

Well, it's 5.38am, time for coffee!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Or better yet - Drat and Blast!! I have always wanted to do a halloween Ornament Exchange - i really do live in the wrong country lol. So, I have signed up for one, knowing I wanted to use a design from a Stoney Creek leaflet I have.

Do you think I can find the leaflet? No - of course not. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

I have to ask - why me??????? lol

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PIF Update, Birthday Giveaway & Excitement!

First up, I finally have 3 people for my Pay It Forward - Chars, Elfie & Karina. Don't forget that you now have to Pay It Forward. Meanwhile I am plotting what to stitch and send to you before my 365 days are up. Can all 3 of you please email me your addresses at (sorry Chars, can't find yours even though I was sure I had it).

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes :-) I love reading everybodies thoughts and comments on all my posts :-)
Don't forget you have til midnight Sunday night Aussie time to get your entry in - I am having fun finding goodies to add.

While on the subject - Melinda asked how I finished Winter Violets. I painted and varnished a small paper mache box. The top is mounted on padded card, then glued to the box top. Very easy to do and so effective! I plan on doing another one but with a different finish around the box.

We have had an exciting few days. Some very good friends visited us from Canberra for a few days. We had a great time, it was so good to see them - only the 2nd time in about 6 years. I can't believe that I didn't take a single photo while they were here!!.......... next time lol

Today we have our homestay student arriving from Japan. So the next few days will be very busy. I will try and remember to take pictures lol. This is the girl that DD stayed with when she visited Japan last year. So I am anticipating a lot of giggles from them.

We had some unwelcome excitement Monday morning. DD came running in to tell us the dog was gone. DS always lets him out of his pen about 7am - so had potentially been gone well over an hour. Where we live is surrounded by large blocks of land, sheep properties, bush land and a road that has semi trailers travelling faster than they should right at the end of our gate. So we were worried. Being the doggie equivalent of a teenage male he has no sense and if he gets out he puts nose to the ground and goes............................ what else could I expect from a pointer lol. Amazingly we found him about half an hour after we discovered him missing - playing with another dog a fair way away - it was pure fluke that DH even saw him. In the time it took to turn the car around, he and his new playmate had disappeared. As soon as DH called him he came pelting up to him full speed and dived in the back seat. I was so relieved I couldn't even tell him off lol

Well, I'm off to get dressed, enough sitting round in my pj's reading blogs lol

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Correction

The cute reindeer from my last post is not from Just Cross Stitch. It's a very generous freebie from Daffycat. I was confuzzling myself. I am stitching another reindeer at the moment (from JCS) - It has blended colours and I thought I'd got them wrong, so frogged some of it, then realised I was right in the first place!! So had to restitch exactly what I'd done!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. But it will be worth it cos it's cute.

So, apolgies to Daffycat, and again a thank you for such generosity in offering freebies :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A question................

Since I have become addicted to stitching 'smalls', I have been having trouble finding a way to display them that I am happy with. So I thought I'd ask - how does everyone else do it? I have seen needlerolls in baskets and a large glass containter - I have my own in a basket (pictured) . I have seen biscornus in a basket or a patty cake holder. But what do I do with the ornaments (when not hanging on the tree at Xmas), the scissor fobs, scissor pockets, cupcakes, needlebooks, tins, boxes etc etc etc lol Nothing I can come up with seems to do them justice. And of course space becomes an issue here as well lol.

So......... I'd love to hear if anyone has any brilliant ideas they use or have thought of!
While I think of it...... I have been getting back in the Christmas Ornament mood - here is the first for a while. It is a freebie from Daffycat's blog.