Saturday, February 7, 2009


These photos were taken by a some cyclists here in Adelaide on Tuesday. Sorry I can't give appropriate credit - I don't know the cyclists or the photographer - they came to me via DH's Barossa cycling group. While it's hard to see how difficult it is for the wildlife in this heat, it's heartening to see things like this. We are placing water around the place in the hope it helps some of our 'locals' as I'm sure a lot of people are doing.

This morning we got up early and went to the beach. It was so lovely, but then the wind really came up. All the way home it was like a huge dust storm right over Adelaide, all the way to here at home. Thank goodness a cool change is forecast this afternoon then cooler temps all week.

I had my appt at the banding dr - we have to check out the reflux by having an endoscopy - another anaesthetic - sheesh. It's happening on Feb 26.


liz6172wa said...

Wow, what a special moment being able to help out a little koala - did they try and get it off the road?
Hope you enjoy celebrating my birthday by being gased!! Hope all goes well Marie!

Marie said...

Hi Liz, I'm not sure, it's the old freeway, so probably not busy. Often in the morning traffic report there are warnings about a koala in the middle of the rd - maybe this little fella?

Have a bit of b'day cake for me!!!