Sunday, February 22, 2009


How exciting!!!! I have won a PIF from Bonnie, so now I host one on my blog.

I need 3 people who would like to participate and leave a comment. Then I have 365 days to stitch them something and send it to them. They need to agree to also Pay It Forward on their blog. So, if you are interested leave a comment. I love being involved in anything that means you get something other than bills in the mail!


Elfie said...

Hello Marie, I'd like to go in the draw for the PIF. I'm an Aussie too.

I actually came looking for your Totally useless SAL pic - I'll pop back later and see if it's there.

Marie said...

That's great Elfie :-)

As for my Totally Useless SAL pic, I'm posting it now lol

Chars said...

HI Marie...

Please include me in the PIF drawing... Sounds like a wonderful idea :)


karina said...

Hi Marie,

is it too late or I can also participate?