Friday, February 20, 2009

What a mess

Well....... I have no idea what I have done. I wanted to add Feedjit to my blog cos I thought it would be fun to see where my visitors came from. So I managed to end up with it twice and have no idea how to get rid of the one above the header. Now I find I have lost my posts - although all is not totally lost - if you click on the archives at the right it takes you to them anyway. What a dope :-(


Jules said...

Hi :)

I came across your blog via feedjit :)

Your page does look rather out of kilter atm. I thought it was my computer playing up as always !

I have feedjit installed and haven't had any problems yet, touch wood !

Maybe try unistalling it. Should be in your settings in layout, then remove it, and either don't use it again, or add it again and see what happens?

It's rather weird what you are experiencing. Haven't noticed it with any one else's blogs yet.

Hope you get to see this comment then?! Now I'm a bit paranoid for it to do it to mine eeek!

Have a lovely weekend !:)

Jules said...

ps..Your feedjit box should be in your side panel, not above your navbar as it is (where dashboard, sign out) area is .. strange!

Marie said...

Hi Jules, lovely to 'meet' you lol
I have managed to sort out feedjit - or rather some one on the blogger help forum told me how. It was something I had done in my fumbling, so yours should be fine. Mine is now happily where it belongs lol. Isn't it great to see where people have come from?