Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Need to Vent

The following is not for the squeamish.

Some of you may remember I have had a couple of hernia repairs in recent months. The first was done as emergency surgery midnight the Sunday before Christmas. For all the drama and worry of it, it healed beautifully. I wish the same could be said of the second one - repaired Jan 19. I ended up with a staph infection, which has cleared, but it is now infected again. So I am on my 8th lot of antibiotics - yes 8th. It has gone from being a tiny little bit of the incision that would not heal and could be covered with a bandaid - to a hole that is - to me - huge (1.5cm). Not only that, but it is about the same depth, like a well. We were changing dressings ourselves but it has got beyond that and I now have to go into town or the hospital to have it done every day. When the nurse tells you she can see forever down the hole - you have to worry!! The worst is that for 6 weeks now, it has been oozing, as in heaps. At first it was liquid, no smell. Now it is thick, gooey and to be perfectly frank - smells and looks absolutely disgusting. I have no idea how my family can tolerate being near me.

And what is being done about all this?? Not much!!! I have my 2 weekly followup appt at the hospital where it was done on Thursday. This time I will not be putting up with the usual 'it's looking good' or 'we're actually quite happy with how it's going'. This needs to be fixed now. It has degenerated so much in the 2 weeks since I saw them last.

Between the infection and ongoing antibiotics, I feel yuck. To say the least. Plus, no doubt my family will tell you I am an awful grump. Plus, I keep getting teary - feeling sorry for myself I guess. Although, the last couple of days, it's got so bad I can actually laugh about it. We have always had a family joke that DH is Jelly Belly (comes from him having a Team Jelly Belly cycling skinsuit - I won't mention the slight jelly belly he has grown in recent months) Well, now I am Smelly Belly. I know poor DS (13yrs) came so close to saying that the other day, watching his brain catch up with his mouth just in the nick of time was truly priceless lol.

Well, that's my much needed vent.


Ashley (The Euphoric Stitcher) said...

Sorry to hear about your infection. I know what a pain it can be. I also know that you don't know me but, from one stitcher to another, I have some information that may help. Next time ask your doctor if he knows about PRP (platelet rich plasma) or also it is called AGF (autologus growth factors). Pretty much your blood it drawn, and spun down in a centrifuge and separated into different parts. The platelet rich plasma has been shown to help dramatically with healing. It is sprayed on the wound site along with calcium and thrombin, so it forms a gel.

I do this on a daily basis where I work for total joints. We also just treated a sever leg infection and within two days it there was dramatic improvement in the healing.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. If you can't find any information on this or your doctor doesn't know about it let me know and I can send you some information.

Olenka's Stitches said...

I am so sorry to hear about your wound infection.
You should go to the doctor immediately and demand a proper treatment!
Take better care of yourself, hugs,

Faby said...

Goodness me, Marie, that does not sound good... I'm so sorry to hear that your wound is giving you such grief. I do hope that your medical staff sort this out very quickly for you.
Thinking of you - all the best XXX

Fatema ( SL ) said...

I hope you get well soon.
That infection is not good.
I love your small finishes. Very nice.

Doris said...

i hope you feel better soon,and the infection is gone too.

Mylene said...

The infection sounds bad. Hope it gets sorted out soon.

Thanks for following my blog.

Diane said...

I'm so sorry about your infection, it's good to see you are keeping a good sense of humor about it though. I hope you're healed and as good as new soon.

NatQuebec said...

Sorry to hear about that ! Hope it will be better soon !! take care

CindyMae said...

Sorry to hear about everything that has been going on. Hope you are feeling better soon! I love your blog, love your stitching! Found you through Lynn!