Friday, April 24, 2009

Wahroonga & some members of our Family

I thought you might like to meet a couple of the 4 legged members of our family. First though, I took a photo this morning from our back door and thought you'd like to see! As you can see it is very overcast. We have been getting some much needed rain since yesterday!! Finally, the grass will start to get a bit of colour. Our property is named Wahroonga - an aboriginal word meaning our home. We have only lived here 18 months and it already had that name. The house was originally built in 1849 and served as the local post office from about 1910 until the 1970's
Ok, here we have Leeroy - his name and the name I use for our blog (as in 'the Leeroys') is an amalgamation of our surnames. He is an English Pointer, 2 years old and an eternal puppy. As you can see here he was a bit wary of what I was up to. It's so hard to ever take a photo of him as he is always wanting to be up close and personal lol The closer the better he reckons. I have to say, he often reminds me so much of DS (14yrs). Not sure if it's a boy thing, or the teenage factor lol -they both have such boundless enthusiasm and energy.

This is Calico. She is 5 years old and being a total pain at the moment.

She decided some time ago that her owner is DD (11yrs), although as most cat owners will know, it's more that she owns DD. The reason she is being so painful is that DD has been away for a couple of weeks - thank goodness she gets home tomorrow! Calico seems to think that it is my sole role in life to let her in and out of the house. She comes in then whinges straight away to be let out. Then, of course, she wants to come straight back in. At our previous house the back and front doors were at each end of a long corridor - directly in line. She'd cry to come in the back door, then waltz straight up to the front door, demanding to be let out!!! Obviously, she didn't believe in walking around through the garden!!

Seriously though, she is a sweetie normally.


Karen said...

Your cute cat is perfectly posed...just like a lady! How cute.

Mylene said...

The picture of your cat is just sooo cute.

CindyMae said...

Leeroy is a really good looking dog! He has a handsome look to him! Calico is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! I love to see pets!

Yoyo said...

and here you have the dog lover (LOL). Leeroy is gorgeous -- Calico is pretty too, but that's why I've never had a cat, too much their own boss I think.

Olenka's Stitches said...

You have pretty pets. But I am a cat person, love your Calico, she is pretty and graceful - a real lady. :-)

Bonnie said...

What darling fur babies..
Both pics are so cute.
Thanks for info on your house. I was wondering where you got the name of your blog.