Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A couple of finishes and Bronny has a competition!

Bronny has a great competition - check out the details here. These blog competitions are so much fun.

I have a couple of small finishes. The first was a design I saw in issue 198 of Cross Stitcher - I just had to do it to put on DS's (14yrs) bedroom door. Although it should probably have read 'keep out' lol. 11yr old DD is the one that needs a danger sign on her door, it's a risk setting foot in there I can tell you!! Some would say she takes after her mother, but of course they handle the truth VERY carelessly in that regard!! ;-)

The second is something I started ages ago and was half done. Goodness knows why it sat around so long, it's so cute finished. Lorri Birmingham's Busy Bee Needle Keep. I still have quite a few bits and pieces of hers I should get done.


PaulineD said...

Love the shark! My Nicholas needs a warning on his room too- I loathe going in, I'm sure there's toxic waste in his room. And a very pretty finish of the LB needlekeep!

Felicity said...

Very cute!

CindyMae said...

Both finishes are great! Danger should be what is on my daughters door as well! LOL

Mylene said...

Great finishes! Congrats!!