Friday, May 1, 2009


I have had the operation and came home the next day. I so so hope this sorts it out. I am pretty sore and have a drain in at the moment, with a nurse coming out every day to check things over. And of course antibiotics - for the 10th time since February. One discovery though - from what I can see under the dressing - I don't think I have a belly button anymore!!!

Stitchingwise has been very productive. I have started the most stunning biscornu from Olenka's Stitches. I had so many of her other designs I would like to get first and she has to go and design this one which shot to the top of the 'must have' list lol. Between Olga and Faby I will never have time to stitch anything else!!! lol

While I was in hospital I finished the other of the DMC Kimono Dolls - now I just have to make them into cushions. Pics to follow when I finally get that done, although it's not high on the list of priorities as I don't need them until late July.

I also have to get motivated and finish off the Cat's Whiskers cupcakes I have stitched for Mother's Day, otherwise I will never get them mailed out. No way will they arrive in time though. I will takes pics of them when done

We have a Japanese teacher staying with us for the next few weeks. She is here teaching at our school and studying english. She comes from the school that DD visited in Japan last year. She has a blog on the school website. When we moved here, we were amazed to find that this school has a Cultural Exchange Program - it's so small compared to all our previous schools. We so enjoyed having one of the Japanese students stay with us last year. This year we will be hosting the girl that DD stayed with in Japan, so we are very excited, as are both of the girls! Now you know who the Kimono Dolls cushions are for! I have just found where DD has written about the visit from the Japanese students last year here

Well, off to do the cupcakes!!


Lynn said...

Ohhh! FEEL BETTER SOON! Take care of yourself too!I hope things will turn around now for you and get better!

Bonnie said...

I am happy to hear that your surgery is over and you are back home. I hope you have a speedy recovery this time. You have been thru enough. Looking forward to seeing the cupcakes.


Karen said...

Hope you feel 100% really soon! Can't wait to see all of oyour finishes.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Sounds like the doctors are taking better care of you now and you will be back to normal very soon.
I am so sorry I have ruined your plans :-)) ;-)) . Hugs!
Have a great weekend!