Monday, June 29, 2009

An update

Firstly - a huge thank you to Bronny - I won a chart and some other goodies in her giveaway - including some gorgeous hand dyed aida. I rarely stitch on aida these days, but these pieces are so pretty and lovely and soft they will certainly be used!! The pic doesn't include the DMC floss.
I know I'm very late, but here is my Totally Useless Stitchalong update for June. If you want to know more about this fun Stitchalong, click on the button to the right.

We've had a busy weekend. The kids both won their games on Saturday. DS plays footy for the Barossa District Football Club U15s and DD plays with the Barossa District Netball Club U11 team. It was an early start for us as they were both playing away at Kapunda - a tad chilly I must say!! We had great celebration last weekend as DS kicked his first ever goal!! DH wasn't there as the kids were playing different teams and he was at Nurioopta for the netball game while we were at Willaston, but I saw it all!! I was so proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On Sunday it was housecleaning day & painting & odd jobs day for DH. He has decided the fence has to be painted. Why you would decide to do this in the middle of a rainy winter I have no idea lol. Must be a man thing I think!! I got the cooking bug - I made Jamie Oliver's 2 nut chocolate torte - it really is so yummy. This is the 3rd time I have made it and it always turns out perfectly. Then some easy fried rice I got from a great Aussie recipe site Allrecipes followed by some Afghan biscuits. So the kids reckon they have it pretty good for school lunches this week! The weekend was capped off by an impromptu goal shooting competition (putting up the goal post was one of DH's odd jobs this weekend). I won!!! I think the whole family was amazed. It helped though that I didn't have to run after the ball - at least there is one advantage to the tummy saga. The kids run off and get it for me lol.
Speaking of the tummy saga - I spent more time in hospital as they had to go in again and clean it all out. To be honest a tummy tuck would probably sort it right out lol. There are pockets in the roll of fat (ugh) that keep filling up cos it was all irritated by the mesh from the hernia repair. Had the stitches and drain out last week and things seemed to be going well, but then Thursday I noticed a bit of a weepy spot (which is what this all started with back in January). Anyway, a check today shows that it seems fine, so I am cautiously optimistic that this is finally going to settle down. I will have a better idea if all is behaving when I go back next week. Thank you so much to the people who have left such supportive comments and emailed me privately. I really appreciate it and it helps so much.
This week will be pretty busy as well. We have a meeting at school for our impending japanese home stay visit. The children are due to arrive next month, so it's getting closer!! Tomorrow DD's Taiko group is performing at Williamstown Primary School for their Japanese Cultural Day - I have volunteered to transport one child and the drums. Guess which child I have to take lol. I'll try and get a pic.

Of course this is the last week of school, so reports will be coming home and school discos and goodness knows what else!
Stitchingwise I've been pretty busy. I received a gorgeous pinkeep from Nat, and I absolutely love the magnets and keyring she sent as well. Thank you Nat :-)

I have completed a number of pieces for upcoming exchanges, but I cannot show any of them for a while yet - I'm so far ahead it's scary lol. People that know me well would not be surprised if when it comes time to send them in a couple of months I can't remember where I put them for safe keeping lol. I will post pics of them as they are received by their new owners in coming months. To give you a hint though they are for the following exchanges:
All of these exchanges are still open as far as I know, except for the Just Nan Exchange.
Here are some things I can show you though:
Just Nan's 15 sided biscornu. I was so better equipped to finish this with it being my second. Most of it was done in hospital and I am so so happy with how it turned out. I substituted my own buttons though, I am not a fan of large centres as a rule, so decided to make the change.


Another Just Nan finish that is long overdue - When Barnabee met Bella. I had the blue side done, then managed to mislay (is that a word) the lavender fabric and the chart. I had the embellishment pack though lol. Finally found it last week so got to and finished it.


Country French Needleroll by M Designs. I started it over 10 months ago and finall got around to finishing it. But, I realised I have made at least 2 mistakes that to me are glaring!! Also they annoy me everytime I look at it. So this could well be the subject of a giveaway ... stay tuned for details.

This is my current WIP, started last night in front of the TV. It is Bent Creek's Hen, in keeping with our chook theme it is destined for the kitchen wall. I agonised over the fabric but must say I am feeling happy with the choice as it stitches up.

The newest addition to my stash are these 2 charts from The Cat's Whiskers. I had intended to attend the workshop for Fruits of the Harvest but as it was at the same time as we were packing for our move to South Australia, decided I didn't have the time to spare. Janie had said it would be eventually released so here it is!!

Well, I think that is more than enough for now!!! lol


Edit said...

Marie, I hope you are better and I wish you a fast recovery!!!

Visit my blog please, I have something for you :)

Zeb said...

Some lovely finishes Marie and I'm looking forward to seeing your secret exchange pieces when you can share them :)

Sorry to hear that you've still not been well, get better soon!

As for cooking and house painting and footie... aaahhh the joys of an active family :)

NatQuebec said...

I am happy to know you receive it well and that you love it ;-)

CindyMae said...

Not sure where to begin, everything looks fantastic! Great giveaway package your received!! Love all the stitching and everything!!!

Cindy Mae
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