Friday, July 17, 2009

Another giveaway

Bronny has found another giveaway and it sounds like a wonderful one - Christmas in July, from Mylittleraggedyblessings. Definately worth a visit and a really lovely blog.

Don't forget about my birthday giveaway here. I'm having a great time digging out bits and pieces to include! It's also been lovely reading everyone's comments :-)

The health saga is almost done (I hope). Just a little bit of the last incision wound is not healing (just like back in January so it's very deja vu) We just have to keep an eye on it and keep it clean til it finally heals. So at this stage I will be returning to work August 3 - the day before my birthday - I didn't plan that very well did I!!!!

I have been stitching away for the Little House Needleworks Exchange on Stitching Exchanging. I did a bit of a whoops on it but will not have to fess up to that til it reaches it's new home. Stitching Exchanging is only a new group but growing steadily - a lovely, creative bunch of stitchers. Hmm, is there a collective pronoun for a group of stitchers??? Maybe we should come up with one lol. Anyway, if you love exchanges come along and join us.


Anonymous said...

A STASH of stitchers?

Glad to hear you are working your way towards healing.

Gaynor said...

Oh I like the Stash of stitchers...I had all sorts of problems starting my am thinking more along the line of a Madness of Stitchers...or because of the constant frogging I was hiving to do , A croak of stitchers...or perhaps that should be a croak of bad stitchers lol