Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PIF Update, Birthday Giveaway & Excitement!

First up, I finally have 3 people for my Pay It Forward - Chars, Elfie & Karina. Don't forget that you now have to Pay It Forward. Meanwhile I am plotting what to stitch and send to you before my 365 days are up. Can all 3 of you please email me your addresses at (sorry Chars, can't find yours even though I was sure I had it).

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes :-) I love reading everybodies thoughts and comments on all my posts :-)
Don't forget you have til midnight Sunday night Aussie time to get your entry in - I am having fun finding goodies to add.

While on the subject - Melinda asked how I finished Winter Violets. I painted and varnished a small paper mache box. The top is mounted on padded card, then glued to the box top. Very easy to do and so effective! I plan on doing another one but with a different finish around the box.

We have had an exciting few days. Some very good friends visited us from Canberra for a few days. We had a great time, it was so good to see them - only the 2nd time in about 6 years. I can't believe that I didn't take a single photo while they were here!!.......... next time lol

Today we have our homestay student arriving from Japan. So the next few days will be very busy. I will try and remember to take pictures lol. This is the girl that DD stayed with when she visited Japan last year. So I am anticipating a lot of giggles from them.

We had some unwelcome excitement Monday morning. DD came running in to tell us the dog was gone. DS always lets him out of his pen about 7am - so had potentially been gone well over an hour. Where we live is surrounded by large blocks of land, sheep properties, bush land and a road that has semi trailers travelling faster than they should right at the end of our gate. So we were worried. Being the doggie equivalent of a teenage male he has no sense and if he gets out he puts nose to the ground and goes............................ what else could I expect from a pointer lol. Amazingly we found him about half an hour after we discovered him missing - playing with another dog a fair way away - it was pure fluke that DH even saw him. In the time it took to turn the car around, he and his new playmate had disappeared. As soon as DH called him he came pelting up to him full speed and dived in the back seat. I was so relieved I couldn't even tell him off lol

Well, I'm off to get dressed, enough sitting round in my pj's reading blogs lol


Karen said...

Sounds like some busy days ahead! Glad you found the doggie too.

Thanks for sharing the finishing on the box. I have a couple hanging around...may have to give this try. Great little gift idea.

Kathy said...

From the sound of it busy is an understatement! I hope you are able to find a few minutes here and there to de-stress with your stitching. :)