Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Finish

I have been shamed into updating my blog by my eldest lol. As some of you know life over the last few months has been busy, but also turbulent. But, I have managed my first small stitching finish for 2010 - Just Nan's Needle Tweet Daisy ( I think that's the name of it lol) Very very cute - the pic does not do it justice. I have finished the purple one - need to make it up, and am stitching the pink one. Wouldn't you know it? I have just about all the WDW colours but could I find Love for the pink Needle Tweet? No, of course not! So I have used one of Crescent Colours.

On the other side of life (the non stitching side) I have finished my Cert 3 in Aged Care and am now job hunting. Also, I have my appt today about having an abdominoplasty (if that is how you spell it). I am the lowest weight I have been for well over 20 years and feeling pretty darn good.

Emotionally we are all not doing quite so well after losing DH's mother so suddenly a few weeks ago. But we are getting there, the most important thing is being there for him.

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