Thursday, January 15, 2009

Great to catch up

.......and indeed it is. Thank you for the lovely comments. It was so good to hear from some long lost friends :-)

Stitching wise, I have started Just Nan's Boo tin and Needlebook - I've got Hop to do next. I was determined not to buy the 2009 series, but I don't know if I will be able to hold out!!!

As for health, well, that saga continues. I got a phone call from the hospital yesterday afternoon to remind me of my pre admission appointment first thing the next day (as in today). Ummm, for what I asked?? 'Your surgery next Monday' was the reply. Turns out the repair of the other hernia was listed as semi urgent, so instead of later in the year as I had assumed - it's back to hospital Monday. The only good thing I guess is that at least everything will be done, and of course there is the extra stitching time.

A GF and I went to the movies today - we saw Bride Wars, a great chick flick and very very funny. DH and I saw Marley and Me on Tuesday - that was great as well, but I bawled my eyes out!! So, I have certainly been taking advantage of my kid free time.

Speaking of the kids, we pick them up this weekend, I must say, I have missed the little monsters - although not so little anymore!!!!! I will not be sorry to relinquish feeding the menagerie duties though.


Jacinta said...

I have just stumbled across your blog - its great to see what another Aussie is stitching.

Good luck for Monday! Here's hoping for a quick and painfree recovery.

cheers from Cairns


Marie said...

Thanks Jacinta, it's always nice to 'meet' another stitcher :-)


liz6172wa said...

I've signed up to receive those JN tinney thingys - you can tell I'm professional at this 'stuff'! Did you get/stitch all of last years? I wish now I'd signed up earlier - oh well - I may change my mind once I've actually tried stitching one.

Marie said...

Liz, yes I did get them all. I have done all but the Hop tin atm. They are heaps of fun.