Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tour Down Under

Yes, the Tour Down Under has started. A cause for great interest in the house. The first stage came past our door yesterday. We were outside, with flags, balloons etc and our neighbours for company. We will be able to see a couple more stages, but not as many as we'd hoped. DH is riding in the Mutual Community Challenge on Friday, but we will be unalbe to be his 'support crew' as usual as I am not permitted to drive for a week :-(

DS was very excited to get one of the riders feed bags - from Team Astana - Lance Armstrong's team!! It even came with some of the energy bars lol.

My op went well. I was allowed home the following day (yesterday) just in time to see the Tour. A lot more sore and sorry for myself than the last time, and very very tired. Still - more stitching time!!

I'm sure many people looked at me odd as I was in the waiting room prior to the surgery. I was finishing an ornament and a needlebook - with associated bits and pieces everywhere!!!! Much better than sitting doing nothing though.


liz6172wa said...

I tried to see if I could spy Craig as they whizzed by on the TV news - but you hadn't mentioned what colour/number you'd cross stitched his cycling shirt! :-)

liz6172wa said...

PS - Very rude of me - I pressed 'enter' before I'd enquired after your post operative recovery? ....hey I haven't forgotten all the technical hospitally stuff after all ;-)

Marie said...

lol, we couldn't pick him out of the 'sea of yellow' either. He has to be up at 3.30am - nuts if you ask me!!

Post op is going well, and I am extremely impressed about your memory for hospitally stuff. Who said you have cotton wool, I mean floss between the ears only these days lol ;-)