Sunday, February 1, 2009

Biscornu Fever

Well, here is another one - my first attempt at a 15 sided biscornu. I think it could have done with more stuffing, still, I'm pretty happy with it. By the end I was better at getting the corners right. So the next one would have better corners I suspect.

The heat here is a bit better today, thank goodness it shouldn't be as hot this week - only high 30's and up to 40. I can't believe I think that's good lol. On a sadder note though, we lost 2 of our chickens. One at least was one of the originals that were here when we bought the house - Hopalong.

We had the bright idea to turn the temp down on the spa last night, it was glorious. I can't believe it took us a week to work that one out!!!
A quiet week planned. I have an appt with the banding dr tomorrow. I could do with some more fill, but I'm still having reflux problems. I'm also a bit worried that these 2 surgeries may have made the band slip?? So it will be good to get all sorted. I think I'm doing quite well weightwise though. I am about the same as I was when I went for the 1st op just before Christmas. It's a bit annoying though, that I had got down another couple of kilos in the last few weeks, only to bounce back. All in all though, I think I should be fairly happy. It's so good to be shopping for clothing in the regular area of shops!!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. It is really pretty, and you did such a great job with it.

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous! Great finish!

Sharon said...

That is wonderful, I love how it came out and love the colors too. Very nice. Congratulations on such a great finish.

Marie said...

Thank you :-) It was quite fiddly, but well worth the effort

tintocktap said...

Gorgeous colours - well done!