Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where do the days go!!

I can't believe it is already September. We are starting to have some beautiful weather during the day!! We have swooping magpies - a sure sign of Spring lol. We have the fairy wrens outside DD's window every day, but they don't stay still long enough for me to get a pic of them. Also I saw the plovers that are nesting at DD's school. They are very protective - I just hope no one steps on their 2 eggs!!
You may remember psycho duck from previous posts. Well, she's at it again. We finally knew for sure that she was a 'she' when she started laying eggs a few weeks ago. Well, as is normal for all of the animals in this family, she has to do things a little bit different. She has decided she wants to sit on the eggs. Doesn't matter that most of them are the chook's eggs!!! After a heartfelt plea from DD we have decided to let her keep some and see if they hatch. After all, we have been babysitting a friend's rooster so she could have some fertile eggs, so we know these are fertile as well. He was close to becoming roast rooster (I don't take kindly to being woken at 4am!!!), but he now has a reprieve - temporarily at least lol. Goodness knows how we will make the chook yard chick proof though!!

I have been fitting in a bit of stitching time so have a couple of things to show:These are a couple of bottle top pincushions - so cute!! I can see me making more of these. This little bat is for an exchange - I think he would have looked better full size though (I stitched him over 1)
On the footy front, DS's team beat the undefeated Nuriootpa side and made it straight into the Grand Final. Nuri then won their next game which means they will be facing off again for the Grand Final this Saturday. So that will be pretty exciting, and nail biting no doubt!!! This Under 15's team is the only team from the Barossa Bulldogs to make it to the finals

In other news, we bought a new car a couple of weeks ago - well it's 2nd hand, but new to us lol. Although I've been telling people we gave my little Holden Viva some growth hormones to turn it into a Commodore lol. I must admit it has been nice having a bit more room dividing the ferals in the back seat lol. Not a good pic but enough to get the idea
We have been visiting Cramar every couple of weeks - he is 7 weeks old now and growing like a little weed lol. He will be coming home with us in another 2 weeks.

As you can see, he and his brothers and sisters love people already lol


CindyMae said...

Physco Duck is just hilarious!! Love the bottletop pin cushions, they are adorable!!! The bat is just too cool too! Cramer is so cute and seems very happy to play! Oh and congrats on the new car!!!

doris said...

Those bottle top pincushions are terribly cute.

Poor Psycho Duck. She's just a little confused.

Faby said...

Hi Marie,
I love your title for this post: it sums me up so very nicely too at the moment...!
I love your little bottle top pincushions! What a great idea!
Have a lovely day XX

Lynn said...

Your little pin cushions really caught my eye! Very cute! Love that duck too! Very funny!
DO have a question? I've tried emailing you offline and it bounces back....did you ever receive the birthday ATC from me in Aug? Hadn't heard? Please let me know or I'll resend.DID mail it off on time etc.

Kim said...

Just stopping by to say hi! I am tpartymom from swap-bot and will be sending your pink Christmas swap soon~